Flames for the ex-wives

Updated 12 Sep 99

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I know that there are plenty of men out there that are in the same boat that I am. You married a woman that changed into the incubus the second you put the ring on her finger. When the final release of the divorce came, you thought your troubles were over but soon discovered there was no escape. Well, there seems to be no place to hide from these hell spawn but maybe you can get a little payback.

Do you have a horror story to tell? I would love to hear it. Even if you can't get any satisfaction fighting the good fight against that she-devil from the pits of hell, maybe you can take some weight from your embattled shoulders and expose her for the witch she is. Mail me your story so I can put it up for the world to see. Get it off your chest to help yourself and maybe you can help others in the process.

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* WARNING*  Some letters may contain adult language

Just to start things off, you can and the update read my little story  and the update.

This story was sent in by an anonymous new wife.  She is in the same boat as my poor wife, I feel for them both.

A truly sad story from Carla.

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Good thing there were no children in this story.  21 Oct 98

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Blame Gloria Steinem for Steve's story. 19 Jan 99.

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Mr Bitters story, he never even kissed her and still got screwed. 5 Mar 99.

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Gwynne feels a little better now, here's her story. 1 Apr 99.

This story illustrates one time where the IRS may do some good. 25 Apr 99.

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Bill's story is a heart wrencher. 21 Jul 99.

This page is supposed to be for ex-wives, but we'll make an exception for this guy. An anonymous woman gives us her story. 17 Aug 99.

Jerry sent his story, a familiar theme. 27 Aug 99.

Janene sent in her story of the Wicked Witch of the East. 10 Sep 99.

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