A Bitch and her Lawyers

My husband has two daughters  from his ex from  hell. They are 15 and 13
years old, sweet kids considering who there mother is.  Needless to say
this woman is on her 4th marriage  and has 5 kids from 3 different men!
My husband pays 1,000. a month and 1, 250 if there are 5 Friday's in
the month . That dosen't seem to be enough for her since he just
recieved a summons to go back to court to get it raised.  This low life
has never worked a day in her life!! She makes her living off
child-support and any kickbacks available.  My husband and I have a
precious 3 year old daughter who goes without because of this witch from
hell!! What is wrong with the legal system today? I know my husband is a
good man but if my daughter should ever decide to marry a man with
children and an ex-wife I will strongly oppose the union!! I could go on
and on about all the little stunts the ex has pulled but I don't have all night to type it up.