He Needs Some Bitch Repellent

She got pregnant on purpose to ensure I would marry her. Then her mother moved in. After 5 yrs. of this crap, I divorced her and remarried my best friend. Since then she has accused my wife and I of abusing the kids (had 2 with her), not feeding the kids, etc. during visitation. Accused my step-daughter of sexually molesting my son. Tried to break down the door with a hammer - and more (it never ends). She receives SSI, child support(the maximum, of course) from me, child support from another guy for her 3rd child, welfare, food stamps(capable of working), health and life insurance that I pay, and she just received a 6 figure settlement from a lawsuit(a fraudulent claim against a product). Her mother took me to court- sued me for some toys that were still at my house(after I supported her for 5 yrs.). Guess what, SHE WON. I have my wife, a 2 yr. old, and 4 step-kids(no child support for them). We survive financially day-to-day. The ex has money to burn.She had me in court again yesterday to request more child support. Of course she will get it. That is the way it works. Why isn't there some common sense in the court system. They should be able to see through her for what she is. And they should applaud me for providing for 2 families myself. But it doesn't work that way. Instead, they illegally provide free lawyers to her by means of county social workers who can't see through the smoke and encourage her to go after more. I'm broke, harassed, totally vulnerable, and EXTREMELY PISSED. Worse yet, it will never end and I have no idea what to do anymore. Any ideas?

Lee - SW Minnesota