Fall Back in the Pit You Crawled Out Of

Hi am from Mississippi and I have a big problem with an ex wife.  Her name is
Renee.  This women if you can call her that, is a no good mother and a dope
head.  She finds something to call about all the time.  I know she still wants
my husband back, she just can't admit that she messed up and lost him. She
calls, the child support check is late, which it never is.  It is always
something, if not she makes up things.  Renee is not happy in her life so she
has to make other people unhappy.  I got news for her all I do is laugh at her
and think poor, sad,  Renee.   My step child is a wonderful little girl, with
many emotional problems.  Which she is seeing a doctor about.  Renee's 2nd
husband died about a year ago and she is getting married once again.  And my
step child calls him daddy.  She has a daddy, my husband.  This women had
caused nothing but pain in my life, my husband's life and now she is tearing
the childs life apart.  This is a little 7 years old that just does not
understand life.  Renee should not be allowed to be a mother and should not be
allowed to have any kind of  human contact with other happy people.  She is
the demon seed of her parnets.  God Bless Their Souls.  I really wish she
would fall in a big black hole somewhere and never to be found.  Then maybe a
few good people can be happy once again.