Well, my ex decided to start working part time,  a week before she decided to move out and get a divorce.. Little did I  know she had this thing planned out from the beginning. I now pay her over $1400 a month in child support and $800 a month in spousal support.  I live in California and the way the laws are written here in this state you (the man) are scum and the woman is the victim. For men living in California that are contemplating divorce, move out of this state before you do it. There is no end to the hell that you will get into here. I have spent more money on lawyers (both mine and hers) than I have on my kids this year and it just gets worse. My ex was having an affair when we were married and she gave me herpes a few years ago. Now I am not only a single man but have a STD. Boy how lucky can you get. Well if you ever meet a 35 YO named Amy J in the Sacramento area, watch out cause she is a true black widow and will do anything to get to your wallet and screw up your life. It is sad that she hates men. It is not our fault that her brother and father abused her when she was a kid but we are the ones paying for their sins.