Not the Girl Next Door

I don't know if this qualifies for your ex's page, but here it goes:

About five years ago, I became close friends with a co-worker and his "fiance". They had a child together in High-School. Things seemed normal for the first three or four years. Then, his parents bought him a computer. (So far, no problem). I would often stop by at night to show him where to get the latest shareware for his comp. "She" was often absent, but the child was always there, and I would always wind up playing with the kid.

Time wore on, and I started to notice that my friend and myself were always watching the kid, and she was always in some chat-room on IRC.

Jumping ahead...:)

Two years ago she vanished. All her friends and family thought she was dead! Well, get this: She was having an internet affair with two different guys from Kentucky. She had abandoned her son, and run off with one of these guys....(BTY the first guy took a week off from his job to wait around the airport with a return ticket to send her home..).

As it turned out upon her return, she was telling some of her friends she was having an affair with me, others, that it was with another of her aquaintances, and her female friends thought she was being stalked by all of her boyfriends friends, and escaping to visit her dying Grampa to get away from us!

B.T.Y. : When she returned, she got custody of their son, and my friend gets holidays.

Morale: You really don't have to get married to get fucked anymore!!!

Mr. Bitters