Literally: "The Wicked WItch of the East"

First of all, let me say your site is amazing. It's sad that there are so many women in the same situation as myself and so many men who married & had children with real,live witches...... My story is this, I met my husband 3 years ago, we fell in love instantly and I believe in my heart of hearts he is my soulmate. I had been married before, no children (thank God) and my husband has a 5 year old beautiful little daughter Danielle with his ex-girlfriend of 3 years. She threw my husband out because she said he went to too many AA meetings, (that was the last time she threw him out, they had broken up on and off many times in 3 years - he always went back for Danielle) shortly thereafter, we began our relationship.

October will be 3 years we are together,6 months we are married. During the past 3 years I have lived the movie "fatal attraction" and so has my poor husband and his family. His ex who I will call "Lisa" first started her onslaught of harrassment by sending threatening letters to Peter via mail (of course anonymous), then he would get beeped all crazy beeps all hours of the day & night & she got a hold of my beeper Nbr and started the same. Then there was the prank phone calls to my job with threats (also anonymous), then CPS started coming to our house, peter's sisters homes, it seemed she was out to wreck havoc on anyone who had contact with us that she used to be friendly with. This witch has done so much that it'd take up 10 pages if I told you, but the sad fact is my husband is a loving, devoted, caring father who has never missed a child support payment, visitation, medical expense & she continues to "stalk" us and his family. The courts cant do anything she is the mother and has every right to know our phone nbr,address, vacation whereabouts when we take Danielle away etc...... and everything she does, she leaves no traces to her behind so there is never any proof. She has withheld Danielle from us for 3 months because we changed our phone number and refused to give it to her for the pranking and abusive phone calls we would receive - yesterday in court
the judge sided with her - so we will see Danielle again but we had to give her our phone nbr so again we will know no peace.

This woman should be thankful her daughter has a loving devoted father and that he married a woman who loves her daughter as her own. She threw him out 3 years ago - hasnt had a boyfriend since-NOONE CAN DEAL WITH HER!!! Time to move on honey like the song says "THE BOY IS MINE" sadly, courts always side with the mother. It's no wonder why people take matters into their own hands. Want to hear the clincher? this witch claims to hate and despise me and Peter, but it seems whatever I am wearing and how ever my nails are polished the last time I see her, you can be sure "Lisa" will be wearing the same outfit and have her nails done the same as I had the time before............What a jerk! God that felt good thanks for letting me dump!

Thanks for listening my prayers to all