Right on, I was just home for lunch and thought I would see how many of us there were. I picked this site to unload. WHAT A F*CKING C*NT BITCH PIG SUCKING LYING FAT ASSED MONEY HUNGRY TWO FACED MANIPULATING PIECE OF SHIT! Whew, that felt good. I just want to be able to visit with my five year old little boy, thats all. I haven't been able to pay the full child support since my unemployment benefits ran out. Been making extra money here and there but since my company that I worked for went bankrupt i ahd to start over from scratch and now in trade school so i can get a descent job to pay my support. But NOOO, it doesn't matter that she has a good job working for a lawyer. she was able to finish school on welfare( must have gotten used to the free checks) but me? Uh uh, I'm obligated to pay the full 525 amonth. i was making 14.00 an hour and now almost zero. and i have custody of my 13 year old, man I'm trying. Anybody need any artwork? I need the money for my kids. i am a graphic designer, airbrush artist and photographer. Just thought it was worth a shot. Peace brothers and sisters. REMEMBER TO TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TREAT YOU, IT'S THAT SIMPLE.WRITE ME AT BVe2521514@aol.com