Flames for my Ex

Update for the new year 1998.

Well, things seem to be going well at this time.  The thing got her child support raised to $330.00/month as opposed to the $100.00/month she used to pay.  The lawyers are all paid off and she came out of the whole deal with less visitation and more financial responsibility than she started out with.  Pretty good deal on my end, if you don't count all the money that I had to give to my lawyer.

As for what happened to her for stealing Katie's money, she got off with a slap on the wrist.  She pled guilty to misdemeanor theft by taking of less than $500.00, she stole $8000.00.  She got a $500.00 fine and 6 months probation but her record is to be expunged after a year.  Like I said, I feel pity for you if you live under the jurisdiction of the DA.  Can we say, "Soft on crime!"  Six months from now, I know she will deny that she ever did anything, standard operating procedure on her part.  Don't worry though, I have official copies of everything including her plea agreement.

Things are pretty quiet on the battle field these days.  I guess it is because she has a new baby with her new husband.  I feel sorry for the baby and the husband.  His problems have yet to begin though.  I know she wont leave him while they have only one child.  She wont get enough child support and alimony out of him with just the one child.  (Something she tried to do to me so I know how she thinks on this one.)  He will, however, have to spend a great deal of time raising their new daughter.  I don't think the witch hasn't been spending a lot of time honing her parenting skills and I know that she was born with out a heart or conscience.  At least her husband is a good guy, the child may have a fighting chance to grow up normal.

Well, I will update again if anything changes.  Something should happen soon, things are tooo quiet.  The only time the witch is civil is when she is on her best behavior trying to get me to drop my guard.  It should only be a matter of time.....