P.S.Q. for the Psycho Snow Queen


My husband's ex has been harrassing him since he remarried me. She told the kids he doesn't pay his child support. Outrageous lie #1. Kids confronted us both, I offered to show his paystubs that support is deducted from. Kids said, "You're just trying to turn us against our mother!!" Up until that time, there were no big problems with his 4 kids. and since WE didn't bring up that issue, guess who did? yep, and she denied it. I guess all four kids just sat around and made it up all by themselves. So, they haven't seen or talked to him since Jan. 1996.

They have a joint parenting agreement, supposed to make all major decisions about education, etc. together. She pulls the two youngest out of school and they sit home--no homeschool as promised. This fact was hidden from him for some time--I accidentally found out. Then since we got it court ordered that she was supposed to send monthly copies of their work-so he could know they were getting an education, she refused. Courts do nothing. Too bad. Dear hubby is paying some college expenses for the 2 older, she decides since he is responsible for college expenses, she pops the 2 younger in a local community college, and both are underage, 13 & 15 at the time. Sends us the bills. We don't pay. She gets madder and madder, won't talk on the phone, writes nasty hate mail--your a deadbeat dad, your a fat ass, your a pathetic little man, a failure as a hubby, father and employee. Blah blah blah. I find out she is an illegal midwife, has a cease and desist order to not practice medicine without a license, I turn her in. I find out she hasn't paid income taxes in 6 years, her income approx. $100,000 a year x 6. Penalties, fines, back taxes, she'd be in big trouble if I turn her in on that one! I e-mail, exposing her deadbeat taxpayer status. She has stopped the nasty hate letter campaign now for the time being.

She has been a leach on society, a horrible example for the kids, breaks the laws, and then has the audacity to call MY hubby a deadbeat when he gives her $800 a month like clockwork to not take care of his kids. She leaves for days at a time to pretend she is a doctor catching babies. She used going to a delivery at least 4 times and she was with other men while he was married to her. I can't even imagine what these guys were like--she still wears her 1960's bell bottom trousers, her bangs look like a baseball cap, and she has a hunchback to boot, as well as an extra 100 lbs. on her frame. Looosers. Since she doesn't use the kids as deductions, guess who will get them now, or else pay the IRS and go to the poor house. It is the least she can give for all the badmouthing she has done.

Thanks for letting me vent.