Flames for my Ex

I can't really call this person my ex-wife because she never really was a wife. We were indeed married but it was more like having a bossy roommate than a wife. The thing is a complete sociopath with no regard for anything but her own ambitions. In addition to being a pathological liar, she is a complete moron, has let herself go to pot, and makes a habit out of being the biggest pain in the ass she can manage.

None of this would really be bad if we had never had children. Don't think that I hold anything against my children, what is left of them, I just have to deal with this poor excuse for damaged genetic code for another 13 years minimum. What I mean by what is left of them is that the sorry bitch got temporary custody of both children during the divorce and then proceeded to neglect them. This got my son, Christopher, killed because he was allowed to run around by himself outside at the age of two. Although he was supposedly under adult supervision at the time he was hit in the street, he had the habit of doing as he pleased outside because his "mother" was never home and the incompetent teenager she hired to watch him and his baby sister, Katie, was too busy talking on the phone and napping most days to watch him. "Mom" wouldn't know this because she was out clubbing.

After the bitch checked herself out of the loony bin, where she was hiding till her mother could spread lies and shore up a defense to keep her from being charged with criminal neglect, I somehow convinced her to let me have custody of Katie without too much of a fight. She just insisted on getting the house, all the furniture, both cars and everything that I didn't bring into the marriage in the first place. You can see for yourself where her priorities are. After this, things were pretty quiet except for trying to get her to pay her piddly $100.00/month child support.

I did make some mistakes. The first one was that I had this misguided notion that it was in the best interest of the child to force this thing to have visitation. If I could do it again, I would have just let the insignificant child support checks slide and not bothered to twist the things arm to force her to see her child. For a long time, she would cancel her visitation at the last minute, bring the child back early and make every excuse she could to avoid seeing the child. My favorite one is: "I can't come get Katie because its raining and I can't drive in the rain." My mistake was realized after I met the woman who would become my wife, my first wife by my count. The ex, needless to say, was extremely threatened by this woman who was 100 times the wife, mother and all around person that she could ever hope to be. You could almost here the "wicked witch of the west" theme from the Wizard of Oz as the bitch came swooping back into Katie's life, de d de d de dee, de d de d de dee...

More headaches were about to start. Now, I had to look at the skanky thing more often and listen to the sickening sweet dribble she spewed during every conversation. Its like being coaxed from cover by a dragon, the words may be sweet but you know it is waiting to roast you alive as soon as you expose yourself. It was not bad enough that I had to deal with the brain washing this woman was subjecting the child to every other weekend, deprogramming has become easier as the child has grown, but I made another mistake. We received a settlement from the insurance company of the woman that hit my son. It seemed like a good idea to me to put $5000 away, with a matching deposit from the ex, into a CD for Katie's college. This was a good idea, at least until I got out of college and settled somewhere and could put the money into a higher interest vehicle. The mistake was letting the bitch hold the CD certificate. That money was in the account for a little over a year before the bitch forged my name and stole it. This is compounded by the facts that she had received another settlement from her insurance company and that she had only put half of the money in that she said she was going to. She blew all of her money and drove herself into debt so far that she had to steal from her own child to pay her bills, not to mention stealing my good name. Needless to say, when I found out what had happened, quite by accident and not by any confession on her part, I immediately called the authorities. It has been over a year, not much has happened. Katie did get her money back, thanks to the ex's enabling mother riding to the rescue on a giant rabid bat, instead of a white stallion. There to shield her demon spawn from responsibility just like when Christopher was killed.

On top of all of this, she had the gall to sue me for a change of visitation less than six months after I found out about the theft. Needless to say, she got very little but it was a lay out of cash on my end. Of course, her mother paid for her end. I am sure that she thought I would be vulnerable at the time, I was going to be out of town for a long time to get ready for my new job, and would just roll over and she would get what she wanted. Unfortunately for her, I had my ass covered better than a suit of armor. The best part, I get to go after her for more child support. Hit her where she lives, in her pocket book. The $100/month that she paid before was a small concession on my end to ensure that I got custody and knew that my daughter would be raised in a safe and stable home. Now that I don't have to worry about that so much for a while, it is time to make the bitch pay her fair share. Its killing her and I know it. She wants all the rights without any of the responsibilities.

Well that is brief synopsis that brings you up to present day. Maybe the average person can understand why I don't like this evolutionary misfit. She on the other hand cannot comprehend what she ever did that was wrong and why I am upset with her. She claims that I am trying to ruin her life by prosecuting her for the theft and forgery and for going after more child support. She is not only a sociopath but a paranoid. The greatest irony of all is that she works for a battered woman's shelter-- she once told me I was guilty of mental abuse for using big words around her. I don't know what she does there, she has no compassion for anything but her paycheck, but at least she is working, it is the first job she has ever kept for over a year.

I pity you if you live in Valdosta, Georgia. One because you have to live in the same town as her and two because you have to live in the same county as the District Attorney I have to deal with in trying to prosecute her. It seems this man can't understand how to prosecute a case where the defendant is going to lie and say she didn't do it regardless of the weight of witnesses and evidence against her.