The Miracles of Modern Feminism

YEAH! After reading several of the Ex-wife stories on this page, I can see you guys had a lot of the same stuff happen to you that happened to me! Sneaky plotting women who plan to leach off men.Women blambing men for life's problems. Non-responsible selfish behaving women! Family distroyers! Childern Distroyers! I had a wife of 18 years who was a stay-at-home mom. Who one day came upon some higher
realization that she had been a victom of male oppression all those years. She begged me to agree to let her stay at home for 15 years, while she raised the babies. Then at age 37 she went to work---- fell in love with her boss, took the kids and divorced me! She claimed that I kept her a shut-in/ house-slave for 15 years---
claimed that I abused her for 15 years! "Psychological Abuse"----she claimed!!! She became "enlightened" that I was really an abuser after all those years of "captivity" She claimed that I tricked her into
wrongfully believing that she was happy,--but finally she discovered the reality that she was actually "nothing but a prositute" she claimed! That was eight years ago--- HA HA HA--- I was really me who got
liberated. Even though it took me a couple of years to get over a divorce and being left over another man,--
I was the real winner.

I paid Child support--- but I was freed of many other burdens!! I remarried several years ago--- marriage takes work-- but a woman who cheats-- you are better off without. Now I only realized that this woman was cheating on me after she left--- what a hooker! She insisted that I have a vasectomy---- so I had it done(in her presence)--- the moment that we left the Dr's office, she told me that "tomorrow, I'm divorcing
you"---- so that is the kind of thing that today's liberated women is up to doing to their 'beloved'
husband of 10,20, 25 or 30 years.

But let me say that divorce always hurts-- especially if the marriage lasted 10 years or more.
But a cheating wife you are better off without---- You know you have a cheater when no matter
what you do, they refuse counseling, or any attempt at giving it another honest try at staying married.
In ancient times women were executed for cheating---- it causes a real mess when a spouse commits adultery--- and it wreaks-up the kids too.

So again a lot of what I have read here, I have experienced too.