The Devil Herself

My name is Cheri, and I am living with the most wonderful man in the world. 2 1/2 years ago his wife threw himout of their house because she was having an affair with a married man. They were all three in the military,she was denied reenlistment due to overweight issues, her boyfriend was sent out of state so the 2 could work on their marriage which she wouldn't allow. They had cutody and visitation already worked out when she up and moved the boys out of state without notifying her husband. They judge allowd the boys to stay where they were and he was forced to only see his boys every summer, and everyother holiday.

She has since moved in with her boyfriend who is now divorced and has brainwashed the boys. When my boyfriend calls his boys they tell him that they hate him, buth when they are with us they act differently. They can't tell their dad enough how much they love him and want to live with him.

He and his lawyer, and the military thought he was divorced when on Dec. 26th she calls and says "You should know that we are not divorced yet" this put them just over the 10 year mark so she could get 1/2 of his retirement. She also showed up at our house and assaulted me and her boyfriend threatened me with a gun. They were both arrested and she was convicted and sentenced to 3 years probation and to have no contact with me whatsoever! So she just had her boyfriend harrase me then. Her boyfriend also attack my boyfriend in his own car with a 18 inch falshlight. The sickness continues and it seems as though this will never end.

We are fighting for custody of his boys and it will be decided here shortly. Any loving mother would not put her children through such hell! Did I mention that she had the boys in the vechile when they showed up to our house assaulting and threatening me with a gun? She also brought them to court wanting them to testify on her behalf what a mother huh? Please keep us in your prayers so that we may get custody of the boys and put an end to all this madness she has put us through.

Thanks for listening.