I am not the man who married this monster, I am the wife of the man who
married the monster.

Before meeting my husband, I had dated men who had been married before
and who had children.  I have always tried to keep an open mind about
what had happened in their marriage for the sake of the involved
children and because I truly did believe that "it takes two to make a
marriage, and it takes two to break one".  Not in this case.

My husband is the sweetest, most lovable, kind-hearted individual that I
have ever met.  On top of that he is great looking, is a hard worker and
would do anything to avoid conflict.  I love him dearly.  How he ever
wound up with the witch from hell, I don't know?!  (He just fell into
this deal with a few unprotected encounters, a baby, a marriage...)

Sarah, my husband's daughter is the only wonderful thing to come out of
this marriage.  And, I do mean wonderful!  She is my litte 8 year old
sweety pie.  We get along so well and I love her to death.

The ex however, is not human.  My husband and I used to take his
daughter every single weekend (plus) until his job requirements
changed.  We went to court to get one free weekend per month and his ex
through a fit.  She, I might add, gets $180 per week support, lives with
her boyfriend, does't pay rent, doesn't work, got a boob job, gave up
custody of her other child to his father - her boyfriend didn't have
room at his apartment for this poor child - actually, I think he is much
better off with his dad!, tans all year long, gets her nails done
weekly, has a car phone, beeper, gym membership, etc.  (Sarah, wears the
same clothes every weekend).

Luckily, we won that battle.  We have one free weekend a month to be
newlyweds.  The ex calls our house at will (even after we asked her to
use my husband's beeper in cases of emergency - she is able to call at
will if Sarah is with us).  We just received a court notice notifying us
that she is taking us back to court.  She wants $300 per week (I think
she thinks because we are married now that she can take some of my
income).  Her reasons for wanting more money is because she says that
Sarah is taking piano lessons (she is not), wants to be in baseball this
Spring, and because she has to pay for her own insurance now that we are
married (we take care of Sarah's insurance).  I'm being nice I must tell
you.  These are just a few things.  I don't mention the tone of voice
she uses, the language when she calls, the threats and recently finding
out (after telling us a year or so back that she was being stocked by
someone) that it was her that was sending herself flowers to get
everyone concerned.  The monster's mother was in an institution for a
while and I feel that she is heading that way herself.

She is a liar, a cheater (reason for the breakup of the marriage), a
psycho-mut (with new boobs of course).  I wish that she would get a life
and leave us along.  We were told by her that she would not leave us
alone - and if we had a problem with it, we could get a restraining
order.  I guess I would if I didn't think it would effect Sarah.

Just wanted to vent.  I feel better!!!!  Thanks!