The Never Ending Story

My storie is probably the same as a hundred others. I am a male who is 48. My ex-wife and I got devorced because she was cheating on me. She even snuck out of the house at night on the week-ends. The judge gave me custody of my daughter and my son. I felt bad for my daughter and her mother. ( Bad mistake) I ask the judge to let my daughter live with her mother. My daughter is 26 and has been married twice, She has also had 2 illigitimate kids. She had the whole world at her feet and threw it away. I blame a lot of it on her mother. My son is in the Navy and was doing great till his mother and sister moved back here, Now he is doing bad and is thinking of getting out of the Navy.

I have tried to discuss the future of the kids and my ex won't even return my call. I am remarried to a fine school teacher and would never think of getting back with my ex. I would like to encourage her to encourage the kids to straighten up and do right.

I have been told that when they are visiting her she is providing them with boose and other stuff. I know that my daughter is 26 and my son is 23. I still worry about them.