Hell's Elder Care Provider

Where do I even begin? I came into this relationship with my soon-to-be
husband naive about ex-wives, especially psychotic ex-wives. This pathetic
creature who calls herself a nurse forged my fiancee's signature on credit
card applications, racked up over $15,000 in bills and had them sent to a post
office box. She was on and off Well Butrine (for her mood swings) and she has
definitely been off this miracle drug since I came into the picture, she
tricked a younger man into having an affair with her, kicked my fiancee out
and told him that he needed to go get laid, and then had the gall to take my
fiancee's truck and, along with her new beau, go for a ride!
This is the monster that called me names like "bimbo" and "whore" in front of
her four girls, the youngest being four and told them that if she saw me out
running, she would run me over. She is constantly telling the girls that they
do not have to do what I say when they are over here and she has made it a
habit of bad mouthing their father every single chance she gets. My fiancee is
36, a black belt in karate, a kickboxer, he works a dead end job to provide
for his girls and he is constantly mistaken to be 10 years younger than he
actually is. He is a stupendous father! The psycho-crotch is 35, at least 50
pounds overweight, smokes, is uneducated and ignorant, swears all the time in
front of the children, locks herself in rooms and screams and carries on to
the point the girls are extremely upset and call us, and she feels the answer
to every problem is to hang up when someone tries to call and discuss any
issue with her and at least throw one insult out before that.
The kicker about this freak is that she has found the Church and God. Boy, we
cannot tell. The latest is that she called me and left a message saying that
she was going to get a personal protection order against me! I could not
believe it! Also, she took her youngest out of swim lessons that we were
taking her to stating that kids who knew how to swim were more likely to drown
because of overconfidence. I do believe she is the world's biggest fool.
Her brother committed suicide because of depression, and I know it's wrong,
but I wish it would have been her. She thinks she's is a loving mother but all
she is is a manipulative bitch.
Damn if I wouldn't love to meet her on a dark, dark night! Her fat ass
wouldn't know what hit her and I wouldn't have to hear her crap about
"teaching me a lesson".
A warning: if you are in Grand Rapids, Michigan, watch where you put your
elderly loved ones. The psycho-crotch is not to be trusted with anyone!