The Ex From Hell

As I read your forum I fear somehow that cloning happened much earlier than
anyone previously thought and somehow we have all married the SAME
psychotic BITCH!

My husband and I have "our"  ex-wife from hell also.

First some background.  This is a woman who abandoned my stepson (at the
age of 0-2) stating she just couldn't *handle* the parenting thing.  My
husband took care of him.  Then she attempts suicide (unfortunately for all
involved the attempt failed).  She had spent her adult life in therapy and
support groups for incest (sex with her sister) and AA.  (and continues
to...) Moves and job hops constantly.

So, you would think that when the divorce came down that this crazy bitch
wouldn't get interest of the child and all of that.

No...the Marion County Court System in beautiful downtown Indianapolis,
Indiana  (and specifically Caryl case anyone feels the urge to
drop her a line to let her know what a fuck-up she is)
decides that the screwed up bitch has a *right* to try to be a *mommy* to
him and awards her sole custody. We get the CS payments and (at that time)
four weeks visitation.  We have since spent a passel of money and have 8
weeks a year.

Then bio-monster decides to leave the state.

My husband files an emergency petition to stop this...asks what would
happen if she has him over 1000 miles away and then walks out the door
(like she has done in the past) or attempts suicide...

Not to worry...they said and Dill rubber-stamps the document and the bitch
leaves the state.

Since that time my stepson has been moved from state to state (the newest
one being Florida) and house to house ( which Dill says that the State
can't tell her she has to live in one area...) and school to school.  She
refuses to hold a job ( which Dill says the State can't force her to
hold a job..) and lives off Welfare with Medicaid for him and our CS.  He
has been sexually molested by a member of one of her AA groups (to which
the good judge replied that THIS could have happened anywhere with
anyone)...he has a pathological fear of being left alone (and he is 9 years
old)...has no friends and participates in nothing because he is moved
constantly...has a great deal of trouble (states his latest and greatest
teacher) fitting in and assuming personal responsibility (who would have
thought?) and the last straw came yesterday when we heard from his doctor's
office that he has LEAD POISONING (from living in the lead-ladened dump
that was her last house) at an above toxic level (toxic is considered 10
mcg/dL ...he has lead blood level of 19)  The damage he has sustained from
this includes irreversible brain damage.  They are still screening him for
nervous system and kidney damage caused by the lead.
 To make things even better she has now moved with him into her
sister's (...remember the sister of the incestuous relationship...) house.
 We are still talking to the lawyer about the entire situation.
               We are also attempting to change the venue so that we can
get away from this piece of shit Judge.

Thanks for letting me have a place to vent!

(...wife of one terrific Dad...Stepmom to one wonderful red-headed
step-son, and unfortunately saddled with the ex-wife from Hell!)