Wylie Update


I wrote in a while ago with my story (Under WYLIE_COYOTE nick), and I
just came in to read the new ones posted and I had a few comments.
First off, I want to say that I  feel extremely lucky that neither my
husband or I had any children when we got together.  The infamous EX
that was in his life, (although she was cheating on him), kept saying
how she wanted a child. (Did I mention that she already has one kid,
whom she neglects greatly?). Thank goodness they never had a chance to
actually even have SEX!! ;o)
I am very sure that if she would have gotten pregnant with his baby,
that she would have taken us for everything that we have.  The Child
Support would have killed us!  We have taken her to court once and may
be on the verge of taking her again.  She has these huge backed bills
and she refuses to pay on them because they are in my husband's name.
This was all supposed to  be settled in court the first time..She was
found in contempt and the judge witheld jail time in hopes that she
might be scared enough to pay them.  YEAH RIGHT!  She thinks she can
evade the justice system forever.  So, bills unpaid, she continues to
prank call my Mother and Father-in-law...This *thing* is 25 years old!!
Come on!  But anyone who will shop-lift and steal money from
unsuspecting elderly people..What shouldn't everyone expect?  Well,
thanks for letting my vent once again.  I really love this site.  It has
definatly helped my come to grips with my situation...And to the others
out there in similar situations: Hang in there!  These hell-spawn will
burn in hell one day!!