Monsters Monsters Everywhere

These stories are too familiar with me - I'm a new wife to a great man
with the ex from hell.  I am constantly amazed at how the courts will
favor the mother, even though she's unfit to be one, and the courts
could care less about the father's side of the story (because of all the
hype about 'deadbeat dads').  My husband is far from deadbeat; we want
custody, she lies about her income, but the courts think he only wants
to get out of paying anything at all.  Far from the truth!  Our
situation was "under control" until we got married, then the hateful,
bitter revenge kicked in.  It does put a strain on our relationship and
he feels "responsible" and guilty for bringing me into this nasty
on-going situation, but we always work it out.  We have a fabulous
relationship, and for the first time in my life, I have learned to
actually "hate" someone - the pond-scum, lying wretched witch who won't
go away and lies to the court and actually gets away with it!!!