Its a Bad Idea to Piss Off Texas Women


Recently married to a wonderful man that had a previous marriage with a witch
that not only thinks shes in control of his live still, but also in control of
our finances and personal life. This being my second marriage too, and both of
us having a child from each marriage, I get to see both sides and I constantly
tell my ex-husband that he is very lucky I am the way I am. I get $280 in
child support and thats all. I never have even thought of raising it, and I am
always glad to let him see his son. But, on the other hand, the ex-wife
Ginger, lives at home with mommy and daddy (and probably always will,she
thought while she was married they should live with her parents!!!),doesn't
work, drives mommys car, has a cell phone,beeper, has to have her nails done,
and is in the bar at least 3 times a week. She is constantly wanting more
money,between insurance and child support she gets $500 a month and insists
she needs more! Keep in mind mommy and daddy hand her money right and left and
she has no bills. We have the previous credit card bills and she got
everything that we are still paying on. She doesnt think we should get his
daughter reguarly, and she tries to make us look like monsters. She doesnt
have a boyfriend (i know now why no man wants her!!!) and insists on being in
the middle of our life. We have been in court so many time now that I think I
could be a laywer.  Recently my husband and I had a daughter of our own who
has had medical problems and she has no compassion that we are struggling
financially. I never see my husband because he has to work two jobs, and its
resulted in both of us taking prozac to keep from killing her. She constantly
has fun on our money while we dont ever get to see eachother, muchless go out.
My husbands daughter has no kind of discipline and gets everything she wants
because she lives with grandma and grandpa, therefor when she has to mind at
our house we are bad guys.  I mean come on she is 5 years old and still in
pull-ups. It takes two to make a child and they are suppose to meet halfway on
supporting her. We are not suppose to solely support her and her mothers
habits. I bite my tongue all the time for the little girls sake, because i
love her as my own, but I never knew someone could be so cold hearted. I am
very proud my husband wants so much to be in his daughters life, some fathers
just leave, but every chance she has to start a fight or make it difficult,
she does. I have had thoughts of paying someone to beat the @#$@ out of her,
because I would go to jail.  No matter what our situation is we always fear
the child support because if we fall behind she will have him put in
jail.(daddy pays for her atty.) It just doesnt make sense to me. Thanks for
listening I am glad to know there are other women in my shoes.
Becky in Texas