She Left him but Wont Leave

Well I have been looking for something on the net that would help me deal with my problem...and I think i have found it.. I read your stories and felt a bit of relief(sorry to those going thru true hell)..Altho mine is nothing compared to others.Reading these stories helped put things into perspective. I related to alot of people...

First, I have NEVER dated a man who was married before, or had children. Well, Hello, I am now living with a married(seperated)man with (not one) but 3 children... They are young 2,4,6 all girls... They are the light of my life(regardless of how much I complain).. He, well, he is the most caring, compassionate, gentle considerate man I have ever been with. And good looking!!! I am lucky, he is soooo good to me... Drives me to and from work( I dont drive) takes me out all the time and most importantly loves my animals..(3 cats & a dog)..

Ok- heres the trouble .. His self centered, munipulating,back stabbing,two faced free loading ex-BITCH!! She left him for no reason, she wanted the divorse.. She never worked during their marriage,and is still living off him now.. He pays 550.00 a month + health ins, car payment and gas card, and he has the kinds every other weekend and every other Thuraday, He owns his own business and works very hard.. He likes to have fun, and says that I am the best thing to ever happen to him.. She uses the kids by saying that he cant see them anymore because I live with him... She wants the wedding ring back she gave him backWHEN SHE LEFT HIM!! and has the 4 yr old yelling to her dad"Give Mommie back her ring!!" Sickening. She wanted to work part time and he has to pay 300. xtra a month more. I am a women and I believe that men get a f@@# up raw deal sometimes. She calls my house saying "This is your wife." Gross,,, you got rid of him, deal with it.. Get a job support yourself and be a real women. She is a disgrace to Women. I love the kids and they love me... but I dont know how to deal with this. She wants to make my boyfriends life hell, but she left him. He was alone for 6 monthe before he dated me... and when he was with me for 3 months she called him and asked if he wanted to give the marriage another try at least for the childrens sake- he said no-that pissed her off I guess., Oh well,Hello to little to late. How pathetic, Didnt want him when hes alone but the minute hes moved on and happy you want him back. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.. I take it one day at a time.... Its hard for me.. I dont have kids, never been married...But I love this man and I am soo good to his kids... He is still waiting for the papers to be ready,, and I am scared of her reaction.... I will keep reading his site for other stories Maybe one similiar to mine Until then _

Hopeless Step Mom Gwynne