Earning His Place in Hell

I did a search on the net tonight by typing in "I hate my ex".  It brought me to this site.I just read through all of your letters and feel that I can relate and add to all of them.  Let me begin by saying that I am the angry and somewhat phychotic ex. from hell. I left my ex the day I discovered him smoking dope and drinking with my 15yr old twin boys. I never looked back. He violated my trust and my morals and for that I will hate him with every bit of my heart for the rest of my days. Even if he were to die tomorrow I will go on hating him. My boys were honor students and all star athletes(baseball, wrestling, and golf). Now they are high school dropouts with drug and alcohol addictions.(I do neither) The advice I will share with all those men who want a divorce-move to ALASKA!!! This is truly a man's state.

After I left him, to punish me, he quit paying his rent (I was still on the lease), got evicted and I was sent to court.(I was not held liable!) He was receiving rent checks from our home out of state and he was spending that money on partying so they foreclosed on the property bought with my inheritence from my father. My ex quit his job when he was slapped with child support. To make a long story short, in the past 2 years, I have held down 2 jobs, bought a home, bought a new truck, went back to college, and now, I pay him child support for his weekend visitation! He survived by moving in with this older women, the mother of my son's girlfriend, and sharing this horrible trailer with 4 other adults.His father paid all his legal fees (while I paid mine) and gave him a monthly income (not counted as income for child support calculations). He made more money walking out to his mailbox once a month then I did working 60hrs/week.This man (?) has no home, no job, and no car (it was repo'd) and yet this state continues to make me fight for custody. Told the CI that I do cocaine with my son- I immediately went and had a hair sample taken- I DO NOT DO DRUGS OR DRINK and he KNOWS this!!!He is an uncontrollable alcoholic and the only peace I had in our 11years together were the times he would go out and stay out drinking.

He was (is) a cruel and evil man who gives not a hoot about anything except punishing me for leaving him.  My 3 little ones slept on the floor in the living room during visitation. He tells the courts that I withhold visitation (did once when he had my son beat-up). He has phone privledges (he hangs up on me if I call.) He has tried to sue the girl scouts, (I am a boy scout leader) my children are not allowed to engage in any activities during visitation (parties, scouting, wrestling matches etc.) they sit around the trailer and watch tv for 2 days. He told my son, "I know the kids are better off with K... but I am in the position to fuck with her and that is what I intend to do." He makes the children call his whore, mom, and yes, I do react. I have never said a word to this women and I never will- she is NOTHING to me. I refuse to speak to my ex on any matter-after 2 years of holding my possessions under lock and key he is insisting to my family that I 'better' get hold of him if I want my stuff back.

I am bitter and I know it. I know all the cute little sayings about anger etc. but this man has made a relentless persuit of screwing me. The good news is that 2 weeks ago, his father finally quit (after a year) paying his bills and his lawyer has backed out on him due to no money. And yes, I may have helped the IRS find him. I will spend the rest of my life making sure that this man knows how pissed off I am-he may not care-but he will be aware. And I will fight him with everything I have to make his life unbearable. But I promise- I will only use the truth to fight him. There is so much more to my story (isn't there allways?) and life is a daily struggle to find out what his next moves are and how to dodge them- but I will go on. All I have left is my anger and I will not give it up.