The Devil Can Twist Gospel

How I hate this worthless bitch who I would dearly love to see placed in the stocks and publicly spanked. Ah- this demon who haunts my every waking hour with her unholy facade......

THIS ex wife is the worst of all kinds, The Holier Than Thou. The devout regious woman who takes it fully upon herself to put her husband's needs WAY, WAY down on her list of "Things That Will Make Me Look Better And More Accomplished In Life."

Like eating approximately 400 pounds of Oreos a day for instance...

Oh, but I stray from my story.

It is, of course, against her religion to be divorced. You would think since that is such a HUGE issue to her that she would have thought to HAVE SEX with him occasionally, wouldn't you? Or that maybe she wouldn't let him know that his paycheck was absolutely the ONLY good thing about him.

But she didn't. No. Too busy spending his cash buying herself Twinkies and stretch pants, no less.

Anyway- Prince Charming found it impossible to carry on with her "Charade of A Perfect Marriage" any longer. He slowly began hating her.

She did, however, have his children. And such beauties they are. Oh- if only he and I had met sooner- what I wouldn't give to be their mother....

He didn't want to leave his precious babies....and who could blame him? But the misery caused by their mother finally drove him away.

She took the first opportunity to turn his own mother against him! She moved herself and HIS children out of state and far away. After months of living a thousand miles away she has YET to even ATTEMPT to foster a healthy relationship between his children and their father. He must do this on his own....which is difficult since they live with the Wicked Witch....but he tries. They live in an environment dripping with animosity toward their father. What a mother that is! To try turn her own children against their father. I don't think the Bible promotes that, does it?

And, oh, DOES SHE HATE ME!!! I really think that she couldn't possibly stand herself without me, though. Because I am here for her to blame all her problems on, you know. I am her scapegoat and, why, without ME, she might have to face up to her OWN problems.....

and we all know that Ms. Holy can't possibly have any PROBLEMS, don't we?


I would just like to ask her one little question- (she's never spoken TO me, I might add....)

"Isn't gluttony a sin, Honey?"