Only the Good Die Young

(This ex may live forever)

Heylo....thought I would give an update...Since the last time I wrote, things were going kind of smooth...just the usual bitching from the ex. Oh, I was reading my old email and it said that my boyfriend pays 550.00 a month(which would be cheap for three kids) he actually pays 550.00 a week, plus car & health insurance, gas card and 300.00 more for day care. And thats still not enough to keep the thing happy.

I have recently found out that not only am I dealing with an unhappy,angry,,jealous Bitch, I am dealing with a lying,psychotic sociopath!!!! Last weekend was one of the most enlighting to me, since I met my boyfriend. I really saw the true colors of SuperBitch... Last weekend was our weekend with the girls, and Friday nite she called the house at 9.30 pm and asked to talk to her oldest daughter...(she has never called the house asking for her children and I was alittle surprised-well kinda frozen)she didnt address me at all, just said"Let me speak to...." Rude. Plus I could tell she was drunk by the way she slurred her daughters name. Bad sign. I remained cool, and told her they were watching a movie, but she still insisted on speaking to Tiki(her daughter) I told her I was gonna pause the movie and she asked me why cant I be nice to her??(I hadnt not been)I said Why??? Then she started screaming at me "Fuck you bitch, dont fucking mess with me!!!" Say what??? I hung up on her. I have been thru hell with this woman and no way is she calling my house cussing me out!! So she calls back, yelling to speak with her daughter and I tell her not to disrespect me when she calls my house. She then says, " oh, so now its your house??" i tell her, yes, I live here. Anyway, she then procedes to tell me that I got involved to soon(I met my boyfriend 6 months after she left him)and that I am infecting the kids minds. Once again, say what??? I had remained pretty calm until that point, but I went out to the garage to tell her off(I never called her any names)so the kids wouldnt hear, the oldest one knew it was her Mom on the phone. But that didnt really work-she was screaming at me and said "Someone needs to get laid!!" (Im thinking, yeah, you do Bitch, right up your ASS!!!)I dont even know what she meant. Finally I gave up and let her speak to Tiki. I was mad at my boyfriend for not doing anything. I still think once the kids were asleep he should have called her and told her off!! I shouldnt have to deal with her psychosis.... Then we check his cell phone and there are 5 of the most fucked up messages I have ever heard.

She is crazy...she said that the kids are having problems at home and wants to know what we are doing to the kids(she has them 90% of the time-HELLO)She said the oldest one is in therapy and that its gonna get more expensive for my boyfriend. She is still alluding to the fact that my boyfriend should get rid of me for the benefit of the kids. She reffered to me as his little friend, and made me feel lika piece of shit. She said he is poisoning the kids and not being a good father... She is sick. None of it is true. Tiki isnt in therapy and the kids never wet the bed here or have nitemares like she said... My boyfriend wont call her on it and ask her for the doctors name, so she can get busted and look like the liar that she is. I guess thats what gets me the most, that he wont confront her. So of course we get in a big fight, which is exactly want she wants. She has been trying so hard to break us up since day one. Anyway, she calls and apoligizes the next day but even thats fucked up. She expects us to apoligize back- I dont think so.

She admitted to my boyfriend that she has a big problem with me in his and the kids lives and that sometimes she over reacts(yeah, no shit)and that if he had the kids more she couldnt deal with it. She is full of shit- you left the marriage, now let him go!!! The divorce papers are in the final stages and I read some of them. I knowshe is not gonna like some of it-but i hope for the best... I am hanging in there fighting for the man I love, and the kids I adore, but its so hard sometimes. Well thats it- love the Website and I will keep up with Ya all. If anyone knows of some other cool sites or chatrooms, or just have some advice..please email me at Thanks.

Still hanging in there, Gwynne