Die Die Die

Hello..I just sort of came across your site and decided to dedicate my
piece of cyber space to that X-WIFE that is trying to ruin our life!  I
am a newlywed. I am married to a man who has been married before. He was
married to the *she devil* for just over a year. In fact he filed for
divorce on thier one year wedding anniversery.  *X* was around 25 years
old and my husband was 23. She had a child from a previous llve-in
boyfriend and my husband assumed the responsibility of this child, while
the WHORE went out to bars, met with other guys,and cheated on her then
husband.  I found My MAN one month after his divorce was final and we
were inseperable and we finally got married this summer. The *X* still
kept calling, trying to wrap my husband up in her trap and her web of
decite and lies. Just like a black widow! I have to say that I have been
semi-lucky. Reading other entrys, I feel like we didnt really get the
worst of it and I know it will blow over in time.  They did not have any
kids together..(she was tooooo busy whoring around with every other
guy). So, we dont have to pay child support and
since my husband found out what she was after only one year, they didnt
have much together, so there wasnt much to fight over. THANK GOODNESS!
To all those *X's* out there: YOU WILL PAY ONE DAY! Pull your head out
of your butts, get on with it, and grow up!!