Satan has many Daughters

I met my husband (Robo) and his ex on chat.  He and I became best friends,
and what made that come about was the fact that his wife was having an
online affair, and had told him and their 11yr old son on CHRISTMAS EVE
1995, that she wanted a divorce.  I was there for Robo to talk to, and I
even tried to talk her into working out their problems, but, she refused.
When she was planning her move, she had told Robo that he could have
custody of their son, because that is what the son wanted.  well, needless
to say, by the time she left him, in 1996, he and I became closer, and I
decided to relocate and live with him.  When she found this out, she took
her son with her and had told Robo that she was not leaving him w/him as
long as I was w/him.
When we got together, she tried everything in her power to break us up.  It
seems that the guy she had left him for didn't want a relationship w/her,
after he had heard about the hell she had put Robo through.
Robo payed $1000+ CS for the first 6 months, though he had a cap of $500.
Two weeks after their divorce, she had his wages garnished, and he wasn't
even behind.  She lived out of state.  It took three months to have them
remove the garnishment, which had happened to have been during the
christmas time, and made it really hard for us to give the kids a good
christmas (I have a 10yr old daughter).
Then the next game was when she had his savings account closed, and took my
daughter's CS money out of it, when it was stated that she was not suppose
to touch the account, because it was his through the union.
Then she told him she wanted to come back, and he wanted his son, and was
confused, ao, I went to Texas for a week, and then he had decised, after
talking to his son, and his son telling him he did not want him to go back
to his ex, he and I got back together.  She also came down when his dad
died, and the car broke down, prior to the divorce, and it cost him over
$3000 for towing and to have it fixed.  We let her stay the night w/us,
after she informed us she had $9 to her name, and her 15yr old niece was
w/her.  I put them on a plane the next day (out of my daughter's CS, and
gaver her $50, total of $250).  She ran our bill up, and used our calling
card, for a total of over $800.  Then, we drove the car back, and had to
fly back.
Then, I became pregnant, and she was making calls to me, calling me names,
and telling me that Robo and her were getting back together, that he was
calling her during his lunch break, and evenhad someone call me and
threaten the unborn child.  I was so stressed, that I had a miscarriage.
She would call all hours of the night, and day, every day, with excuses
that she needed to talk to Robo, because she was married to him for half
her life, and he was the only one she could talk to.
Gawd, I could go on and on........  We went to court and finally got
custody of son, and even then she lied in court, saying he never paid CS,
and she about died when we presented her w/all receipts that showed we did.
 Now she is still playing games.  She is behind on CS, and when it comes
for visits, she has to pay for them, so she makes excuses and says tells
son it's our fault she can't visit.
I can keep going, but, I won't.  Her games continue, and her attacks are
mainly towards me, in whom she refers to as "Psycho".  I have tried to stay
two steps ahead of her games, but, seem to fail miserly, because she turns
it around and it backfires on me.  She loves to play her games, and make it
where I end up the one having to pay.  She had sent copies of son's
immunization records that were so poorly copied, like she had stood back
three feet from the copier, and how they landed is how they were copied.  I
couldn't make heads or tales from them.  she tells me she wanted me to keep
her informed of her son's progress.  I have sent her his grades, progress,
achievements, and have even went as far as to be polite to this woman, only
because Ilove her son, and Robo.
The hardest part is that Robo has a problem w/standing up to her.  He said
she gets her flustered, and he can't think, because she is throwing things
at him so fast.  I have been her to support him, and even I have gotten bit
by her games of manipulation.
Right now, we take it day to day.  She has a visit in August, and we have
told her three times when her visit was to be scheduled, due to son's
school, and even emailed it to her twice.  she STILL got the airline ticket
and had it where son was to come back a week AFTER he was to be in school.
she then stated that I was not to email her, because I was harrassing her
(i sent son's report card, and achievements).
And life goes on..........
This is only SOME of what has gone on...........