Plagued by a Sea Witch

Hello, My name is Steffon.
     I'm writing this letter so that I may express a deep anger and since of
depression since the my divorce in 1993.  My ex-wife and I both are in the
Navy and have a 8 yr old son (Little Steffon).  First off it is important to
know that the divorce was really a mistake that we both created over a 6 month
period of time and we have both reach the belief that we both have done to
much to turn back and to little to go on.
     She is manipulating the Child support agreement to continue the hurt that
I once felt about our divorce as her & her Attorney and I had made a original
agrement of the amount of support that would be rendered.  This would be an
agreement that would not only provide support to my son it would also enable
me to be able to provide for my 13 yr old daughter that I have from my high
school love.
     She has recently moved into government/ base housing and put in for an
increase in child support due to a change in circumstances so it would appear.
The truth of the matter is that there was and is no change in circumstances.
When you live off base you receive money for your geographical area to help
off set the coast of the living expensive for housing, well I live in
Washington DC and she lives in Fort Jackson, South Carolina which is in
Columbia SC.
     She has an Attorney friend that has teamed up with her to make it seems
as though I make way more than she when in fact she's making a killing at my
expense.. We had agreed in 1993/1994 that I would drop our son from my
military page two which pays you around $170.00 for a military personnel with
a dependent and when there are two members married to each other with a child
one has to claim full single and the other FULL with a dependent, at that time
I had out rank her so it was more economical for me to claim my son on my page
two and she full and pay the difference set by the state by allotment to
Tyraine (ex-wife).  Well now she's made the next rank and make over $280.00
more a month than I and also had the courts raise the child support to $400.00
and also she still has my son on her page two which gives her and additional
$170.00 if you add it all up she's clearing
$850.00 more just from her new rank and my child support alone.  Keep in mind
that she pays no rent ,no utilities and lives on base and for me living in
washington dc it is well more expensive here to live and the courts ar using
my allowance for housing her in the dc area which is far more expensive than in
South Carolina which is only given if base housing is not available for you
when requested, therefore the military has to provide a residence for a member
and his/her family and I pay child support for my $240.00
as me and my daughters mother get along really good and that I have a big part
in my daughters life as she lives with me from time to time and my ex-wife
refuses to let me see my son who shall carry on my name and wants to see me,
through words from a mutual friend of the two of us. I never opposed child
support just the amount and I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars
to fight this increase for this has forced me to possibly move my daughter
back to her mothers and for me to move into the barracks as I cannot afford to
live out in town anymore and I make to much as for a pro-bonoe case as that is
a joke in it's self making only $16,000 is too much please!!  I just found the
number to my ex-wife's work and left a message on her machine pleading for her
to call me and for us to please set visitations up for the courts did not lye
down and have that child we did and I need to spend every penny I have because
Lawyers are so $ hungry and and the Laws fit to her demands and my life isn't a factor,
 I will write more Later I'm too upset to go on.

PS if anyone knows of any Attorney projects that can take my case in SC or
Louisiana please email me ASAP, Sincerely-  A servant of the one true father God,
trying to find his way to his SON!!  Thanx for reading.