Sympathy Because of the Devil


I can relate so very well to the anonymous new wife!!!!  How these women
can live with themselves (they certainly couldn't live with our
wonderful husbands) is beyond me. Everytime we piss her off, off to
court we go for more child support. My husband pays dearly for his two
children, plus he gets them faithfully three weekends out of every
month! She works part time when she feels like it and it is surely my
apprehension that she is living off the child support that is supposed
to go for the girls. Yet the courts see fit to throw the book at these
men who are so faithful to their payments and their children!!  It's
just not fair that some women (at least that's what they call
themselves) can get away with all that they do!! There must be help out
there somewhere for these men so they can live decent lives with someone
that they have finally found to give them the love and support they so
truly deserve. I love my husband with all my heart and even though she
can take our money, she will never take our happiness!

I am asking you not to print our e-mail address on the letter I have
sent you about the witch from hell. You may use my first name - Deb - as
a signature if you so choose. I could have gone on and on with the
story, but to go over it again and again only makes it more frustrating.
I thank you for letting me use your page to cool down. - Deb