Fought the Law and The Law Won

Hello people
  I have been reading your letters.  Alot of it sounds very familiar to
me.  Been divorced for 6 years.  My ex wife had an affair behind my back
for a year with so-called friend.  She then informed me that she wanted
a divorce.  Nothing I did would change her mind.  She ended up marrying
the guy.  She got custody of the kids.  I got to keep the house and my
business.  That's the one time being in debt paid off.  She didn't want
the bills.
  I had alot of the anger that some of you feel.  I could have killed
them both with my bare hands.  Seriously.  I'm not a violent person but
they just kept turning the knife.  Did give the guy a black eye.  Best
300 bucks I have ever spent in my life.  The trouble is every  time I
tried to get them it always back fired on me.
They ended up moving away from me .  Not real far but far enough to take
me out of the kid's life.  Oh I still get my weekend visits, but it
don't take long to figure out
that you are being used for a baby sitter.  She told the kids that they
had a new daddy and that they would adjust.  They did kinda.  I know
that I am about 5th on their list of importance.
  My ex wife don't care how I am doing financially.  Just keep sending
the support.  I get behind but then she can dictate to me when and where
i will get the kids.
Its all the same shit.  My new wife has trouble understanding that I
have to pay.  Our family does without while her and her hubby make twice
the money we do.
But that's the law.  Seems we need to change a few of these laws.
  I would like to offer this little piece of advice.  don't take it so
seriously that it starts to ruin you own life.  You have to learn to let
go of the kids.  When they get older they will figure things out.  If
you try fight your ex's on them they just turn it around on you.  I got
tired of the damned if you do and damned if you donts.
Just started taking care of myself and new family.  My ex has tried to
screw that up too.  Hasn't worked so far.  Just remember all you are
dealing with evil people.
They will get theirs some day.  Hang in there folks and remember " Sun
has to shine on every dogs ass some times"
Be good and be well