1997 Ben Reynolds

Here it is. A sliding tiler thingy. "What is a sliding tiler thingy?" you may ask. It's a good question, but one I am not qualified to answer. But I can tell you that its sole purpose in its electronic life is to move those tile-like squares into the blank spot. Do this by clicking on the appropriate square and before you know it you'll have rearranged them into their original form.
Of course, you could do that by clicking on "Reset" but in certain circles that is considered cheating. Another fun thing to do is to keep pressing "Shuffle" until it puts them in order. But as there are about 2x1013 possible positions, you could be trying for a while. Oh, and if you take too long moving the tiles around, a little irritating message pops up in that box to generally annoy you.


And before you complain about the choice of picture, uhh... think about doves to dull your anger. Please?