Fly Away Home

I fell so hard for my ex-wife. When we met it was like the world was our
playground. She was my addiction and she said I was hers'. We had a lot of
great times together. After four years, she shell-shocked me saying that she
needed to be on her own and go home. I tried to change her mind, but, no
matter what I said she was going home (about 500 miles away). The night she
left, I never felt more alone in my life.  Everytime I felt like I was
starting to get on with my life, she would call. She always got my new numbers
from friends and family and had to know what I was doing. Everytime I got off
the phone with her, all the old feelings would come rushing back and I'd have
to turn on the TV and sterio full blast to block out the emptyness. After some
time(almost 2 years) the hurt eased. Now my life is back together and going
suprisingly well. I knew I was back to my old self the last time she called.
She called to tell me how messed up her life was and how much she wanted us
back together. I truely felt bad for her but I said "We had a good thing once,
but it's over, you have to get on with your life."  I can't tell you how good
that felt (especially since I really meant it).

Alive (after death)